Long Term Car Rental Service


Long Term / Fleet Lease

Let your company transportation hassles be taken care of by a professional and reliable car rental company like GLOBE Rent A Car. Budget-friendly and convenient, long-term car rental from us gives you and your company the following benefits:

Any brands of your choice, anytime you like.

GLOBE offers the various brands of vehicle from luxury vehicles, sedans, multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs), vans, to sports-utility vehicles (SUVs) and 4-wheel drives and easy interchangeability. When your needs change or newer models appear, you have the flexibility to update your vehicles. Immediate car replacement available in case of breakdown.

Fixed transportation budget

No more unpredictable and expensive cost of maintenance & repair, registrations, taxes, insurance matters, investment risks, registrations, human resource (driver management etc.). Let us handle these exhausting details and we will provide you with a fixed transportation budget, giving you clearer cost allocation, strategic funding, greater control on your budget and better cash flow management.

Reliable support & maintenance

Our support facilities include scheduled regular maintenance & repairs at authorised dealers & service centres, 24-hour emergency roadside assistance and car replacement, along with extensive service network & professional technicians. All our cars are insurance covered (including third-party liabilities) and all insurance issues will be handled by GLOBE, saving you the time-consuming insurance hassles.

Practical & human power efficient

No more staff / department needed to handle vehicle maintenance, car document registration and insurance claims. Save yourself from the annoying hassles on driver’s recruitment, salary, and management. Our integrated solutions are designed to meet every conceivable needs and to ensure smooth travel and transportation.

We also provide customised service and rate to fill any need of corporate clients on transportation management system.



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