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Honda CRV

Engine Size
: 2.4 L
: 5
: MT / AT
Air Conditioning
: Yes
: Dual Airbags

Its lofty new standards in performance, safety and advanced technologies are matched by the CR-V’s elegantly refined form and sheer abundance of new equipment. For a start there’s the powerfully efficient i-VTEC engine. Inside the cabin, an innovative user interface with advanced new functions puts drive information in your line of sight and at your fingertips while its roomy interior offers sedan-like comfort. The sleek, streamlined curves keep it compact from the outside—and express a more sophisticated upscale style. And with higher safety standards than ever, the CR-V is more than a smoother, quieter ride, it’s an unbeatable balance for its size and function.

Unless availability of a specific models have been formally confirmed, not all models may be available at all GLOBE locations and
specific models within a category may vary in availability and features. Other type and brand of vehicles can be provided.


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Surabaya 60271. Indonesia
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43rd floor, Wisma 46 Kota BNI
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta 10220. Indonesia
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